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Interwoven Histories – A weaving workshop with the artist Rula Ali at Ulme35

Datum - 27.02.2020
14:00 - 16:00 Uhr

رولا علي فنانة من سوريا. يتمحور مشروعها حول توثيق القصص التي حدثت نتيجة التعايش بين الثقافاتين “السورية والألمانية”. سيقوم المشاركون بحياكة القصص على السجاد من خلال تحويلها الى رسومات وكلمات وعبارات تعبر عن تجاربهن / تجاربهم المختلفة. يمكن لجميع الراغبات / الراغبين في المشاركة بقصصهن / بقصصهم الانضمام للورشات التي ستعقد في صالون الثقافات في مؤسسة Ulme

You are invited to join our three day workshops in documenting the experience of Syrian- German culture living together ( the stories, the language and the culture differences,..etc). The documentation will be on carpets by creating these stories on carpets using different techniques. The idea of this project is not only to learn about weaving or creating carpets, but also to express ourselves in creative ways and to look on our difficulties as something could be funny and part of the challenges we have to go through in order to get the knowledge about each other culture. The workshops will continue several months and at the end an exhibition of the documented carpet will be organised.

The workshop will be led by the artist Rula Ali, a Syrian artist since four years in Germany worked with textile art exploring the different techniques of textile.

Thursday, 27.02. 2-4pm
Introduction to the workshop objective and making carpets

Friday, 28.02. 2-6pm
Weaving on different weaving machines

Saturday, 29.02. 2-6 pm
Concluding the workshop and reflection on the results

Please note that registration is a necessity. For registration and question contact us on: