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Tümata – The Caravan of Love – Autumn Concert

Datum - 09.11.2019
18:00 - 22:00 Uhr

Entry fee: 8€ / 4 €
Doors open: 6pm, Start: 7pm
The Caravan of Love starts in West China and traverses Asian, Middle Eastern and European countries heading for Berlin. Songs are introduced and by this we tell about the regions’ cultures. We are all connected by the songs’ contents, that is, emotions as longing, friendship, dancing, love, bravery and sorrow, laughing and wanderlust. 2019 is the UNESCO Dede Korkut year. Dede Korkut is known as the greatest ancient shaman of Central Asia.
In this concert several caravans merge (Tümata Istanbul, Tümata München, Caravan of Love, Sifa Caravan). They have diverse tasks in the world. Every caravan will get a chance to speak and together we make music. Solo parts and ensemble music have their place. In ensemble parts the Caravans’ guiding role will change one by one, so we will be able to join and experience the different musical interpretation styles of the caravans (such as hard, soft, fast and silent).
Program: two parts, 30 min pause
Part 1:
The caravan will have both a time journey and a geographical journey. We begin in the East with KORKUTUN KÜYI, an old shaman song. ERGENEKON (Uyghur, West-China) is the tale of a people that has to flee from war. ŞU (Mongolia) is the song of the silkroad. It is the song of those who defend the caravan from robbers. AKBULAK (Altay) is a song about the river and a remembrance of childhood and mom. We reach Kazakhstan and the Şifa Carawan will be telling about healing music of that region. We chose TANSAMALIM (Kazakhstan) too, singing about the beloved and about the morning wind that blows away the sorrow. Yasar Hoca will tell about the culture of dancing in Central Asia. So we will have a dance intermezzo and the beautiful Kamber will be dancing and a light will go on (KAMBER HANIM, Kazakhstan). There will be a moderation and we sing JILDIZIM, meaning My Star. We travel south and listen to the story of the seven day and night festival called MANAS FESTIVAL. (Kirgizstan) that is dated back to 1000 AD. The caravan moves west, there is Turkmenistan and we sing ALA YAZIM, a song about a beautiful moon. In Persia in Shiraz we will have Ehsan presenting a song in Farsi. When we reach Syria, Aleppo, Said will present a song from this 12000 year old carawan city, which has been a center of the silkroad. We don’t forget the nightingales in SANDUGAC and we sing about friendship, IRKEM. We dance with the Azeri in AZERBAYCAN and we laugh together in HEHEHE.
End of part one. 30 min pause.
Part 2:
Referring to our journey from part one we will briefly summarize the story of Hz. Mevlana who left Kazakhstan and travelled throughout this region. The Rebab, his instrument will be presented. The Ney will be presented. Referring to a saying of Abdulkadir Ceylani we will present the Oud. The Baksi Dance will be presented as a form of shaman prayer by Şifa Caravan. Afterwards we will present the Güvençi Sema.
List of Songs Part one – Folk Music:
List of Songs Part two – Sema:
Seni ben Severim 146
Dervis olayim dersen 94
Veysel Karani 101
Bu yolu kurmuslar 96
Gelin Allah diyelim 98
Vakt-i Seherde 115
Isbat-i sema 108
I am in Love with Love
Sema oldu kirk gece 196
Davet – Cevap 190
Hakk serleri hayreyler 191
Ikrar verdik 200
Allahim sen varsin sen 206
Kalbin isterse 210
This is the first design. Songs can still be exchanged. The concert will be 1 hour each part. 30 min pause. Seems like we need to choose from our rich treasure of music. We will have instrumental improvisation within the Sema without singing, only zikr as well as slowed down sequences because we will have the chance to experience the driving energy of Yasar Güvenc and the soft energy of Azize Güvenc in the same setting.

Programmvorstellung PDF
Programm PDF (deutsch & englisch)