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Regular advising hours of the integration guides (Integrationsslotsinnen und -lotsen)

Datum - 27.11.2019
15:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Regular advising hours in refugee homes

The integration guides (Integrationsslotsinnen und -lotsen) offer regular advising hours for refugees. They explain daily life in Germany and acquaint people with the unfamiliar culture. The integration guides have migrational backgrounds themselves. They help lift language barriers and foster intercultural understanding. They provide information about the asylum process, German courses, Jobcenter, kindergarten and school, health insurance, doctors appointments, and more.
The integration guides are also available to accompany refugees to appointments and events. They help lift the language barrier and provide moral support. In addition to the individual advising hours, they also offer an open advising session in which they assist in filling out forms and navigating the postal system.
The integration guides support newly arrived refugees as well as people with migrational backgrounds who have been living in Germany for a longer time.