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Queer it! – DJ Ipek at Ulme35

Datum - 23.01.2020
19:00 - 21:00 Uhr

We are welcoming the New Year with our last Queer it! event at Ulme35 hosted by DJ Ipek. Queer it! is a series of events that addresses gender and sexual diversity amongst migrant and refugee communities.
Based in Berlin and Istanbul, queer-living DJ, producer and curator, İpek İpekçioğlu aka DJ Ipek has an established reputation across nightlife scenes worldwide. Ipek Ipekcioglu is regarded as one of the most popular and diverse DJ’s of the Berlin club scenes and internationally known as Queen of Eklektik BerlinIstan.
Inspired by her passion for ethnic music and genre-hopping dance, her „Eklektik BerlinIstan“ set provides surprising breaks to the steady course of club music today.
In her musical spectrum, psychedelic Turkish funk meets Disco, Balkan to Minimal, AnatolianFolk to Deep House, Armenian Halay to Electro, Kurdish Gowend 2 Moombahton, from Dabke to Reaggaton, Iranian Bandari to Techno. Her EthnikFolkElektronikMix is free of conventions, and it refuses to be limited by style, tempo or genres.
At her electronic „MidEast’Elektro’’ sets, Ipek takes you into deep-house, tech-house, minimal and techno spiced up with ethnic – folk tunes, fueled by kicking beats and dramatic basslines and live-mixes.
Besides djaying and producing music, Ipek Ipekcioglu has a strong social-critical agenda related to women, immigrant, queer and gender topics. She focuses on contemporary, everyday issues and transports these issues into her music. Ipek is also known for her collaborations with well-known musicians such as Aynur Dogan, Brenna MacGrimmon, Selda Bagcan, Petra Nachtmanova, Kinan Azmeh, Baba Zula, La Nuit d’Antigone, Hakan Vreskala etc.
We are excited to get insights into the life of Ipek and to listen to hybrid sounds at the salon.
The evenings are curated by Ramin Parvin and are supported by the Integrationsfonds Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf