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Lesung und Dialog mit zwei syrischen Autorinnen

Datum - 11.11.2017
19:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Mada organisation for cultural and intellectual development in Berlin invites you to attend the event:

‚Feminist literature, the ambiguous literature‘.
Readings and open discussion with:
Nema Khaled: Palestinian – Syrian novelist.
Najat Abdulsamad: Syrian novelist.

Nema Khaled is a Palestinian- Syrian novelist who worked in journalism & participated in many Arab and international cultural events.
Some of her works:

The confrontation – Short stories.

The Hennah night – Novel.

Women – short stories.

Najat Abdulsamad, Born in 1967. A Syrian novelist and a doctor.
Some of her works:

The land of exiles – Novel. Published by : Riyad Al-Rayes for publishing. Lebanon 2010.

Syrian Guernica. Published by : Madarek – UAE. 2013.

In the tenderness of war. Published by: Madarek- UAE. 2015.

No water to irrigate it – Published by : Difaf publishments / Ikhtilaf publishments. Beirut, 2017.

Translated the Russian novel: ‚ Memories of a young doctor‘ by Mikhail Bulgakov.

2015 : published articles and researches in Lebanese and Arab journals , websites and Arab studies centres.
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