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InInterkulturkino: Haus ohne Dach (2016) by Soleen Yusef

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„Haus ohne Dach“, 2016, Director: Soleen Yusef
Original language: German, Kurdish (with German subtitles)

As a prelude to this year’s collaboration with the Kurdish Film Festival, we are showing „Haus ohne Dach“ by Berlin director Soleen Yusef. The debut film of the 33-year-old Kurdish woman, who came to Germany with her family at the age of nine, tells the story of a return to the roots: The siblings Liya, Jan and Alan, who were born in the Kurdish region of Iraq and grew up in Germany, want him fulfill her mother’s last wish and bury her next to her father, who died in the war, in her home village. On the Odyssey to Kurdistan, they get to know their extended Kurdish family, who do not accept their mother’s last wish, but above all themselves – and a dark family secret.
The film begins with the overthrow of Sadam Hussein and ends when the ISIS captured Mosul. Soleen Yussef succeeds in allowing the political to merge completely into the private sphere of a family story. Her tragic-comic road movie, shot with a German-Kurdish team in Soleen Yusef’s hometown Dohuk in 2015, tells of the torn between two countries, which is part of every escape story. The Tagesspiegel wrote: „Despite the difficult political background, Yusef strikes a serious but humorous tone and incidentally shows that a film about the history of Kurdistan does not have to be told exclusively in a melancholy and painful manner. It thus makes an important contribution not only for Kurdish cinema, but also shows new perspectives in German cinema.“
Conditions: Please register, so we can reserve seats for you. We have to respect the rules of distance, i.e. only people from one household can sit directly next to each other. Instead of 100 spectators we can only let in about 40.
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