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The photographic exhibit „Flüchtlingen ein Gesicht geben“ (Giving Refugees a Face) created by the Jugendmigrationsdienstes (JMD) Lippe des AWO Unterbezirks Hochsauerland/Soest won the first ever awarded Integration Prize 2017 in the category of „Neighborhoods.“
The idea: What did young refugees give up when they left their home country? What were their lives like before they came to Germany? Could they attend school? How has their relocation to Germany changed their lives? Do they have more chances here in Germany? Or fewer? 16 young people aged 15-23 with and without migrant backgrounds, many of whom recently came to Germany as refugees, attempt to answer these questions as part of the JMD-Group „Migranten Mischen Mit.“
Since September 2015 they have interviewed 23 newly arrived young refugees, compiled their responses, and translated them into German. These young people talk about their home countries, their often long and difficult journeys, their arrival, and their new life in Germany as well as their personal wishes and plans for the future.
The project was so successful that it went on tour throughout Germany as a traveling exhibition with a stage program:
On October 25, 2017
Only in Berlin
at 7:00pm
In the Ulme 35/Interkulturanstalten Westend e. V.
(Ulmenallee 35, 14052 Berlin)
With its photographic exhibit and stage program, the group highlights that behind every picture stands a person with a very individual story.
The vhw–Bundesverband für Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung e. V. supports the project through Mittel für Unterkünfte and will be present on October 25 to greet the guests.