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Filmclub: Sonnenallee (german with german subtitles)

Datum - 20.10.2017
19:00 - 21:00 Uhr


In the 70s, the famous Berlin Wall that divided the city into two halves cut right through the street Sonnenallee.  The shorter part of the street was then in the East – in the GDR, with all its restrictions. A group of teenagers centred around school-leavers Micha and Mario try, despite everything, to lead a normal life: listening to (forbidden) rock and pop music from the West, wearing cool jeans and competing for the attention of Miriam, the prettiest girl in the school.

Leander Haußmanns comedy, made in 1999, describes an attitude to life that every teenager understands, in a Berlin that is hardly recognisable any more.