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Filmclub on Friday: "Tito's Glasses" (German with Arabic subtitles)

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«Tito’s Glasses», a documentary by Regina Schilling featuring Adriana Altaras
(German with Arabic subtitles)
The actress and director Adriana Altaras, a daughter of former Jewish partisans from Croatia, was 7 years old when she came to Germany in 1967 after spending four years in Italy. Along with her came a family story so absurd, tragic and incredible that it had to become a book: «Tito’s Glasses». In 2016, Regina Schilling collaborated with Adriana Altaras, making the story into a documentary in the form of a road movie — a trip into the past, to Split, to Zagreb, through the story of Altaras‘ life. Tito’s Glasses is a story of survival through humor.
Adriana Altaras will be here in the Ulme35 for the film. Following the screening, we will speak with Adriana Altaras about her book, her film and the thoughts and ideas behind them.

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