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Filmclub on Friday: "Im Juli" – German-Turkish road movie

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Fatih Akins German-Turkish road movie  „Im Juli“ in German with arab. subtitles

Actors: Moritz Bleibtreu (Daniel Bannier, teacher to be), Christiane Paul (Juli, sells jewellry in Hamburg), Mehmet Kurtulus (Isa, a second generation turkish guy from Berlin), Idil Üner (Melek, Isa´s girlfriend), Branka Katic (Luna, female busdriver from Ex-Jugoslavia), Jochen Nickel (Leo, truckdriver), Fatih Akin (Romanian bordercontrol ) …
The film is a mixture of road movie and love comedy, a modern odyssey from Hamburg to Istanbul, across the south-east of Europe. It tells the adventurous search of Daniel for absolute love. The film has become a classic, it is good entertainment with beautiful pictures, beautiful landscapes, lots of imagination and action.

BR Deutschland 2000 Regie: Fatih Akin Written by: Fatih Akin

Länge: 100 Minuten FBW: wertvoll FSK: ab 12 Jahren