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Film: "War and Love in Kabul" (Dari/Pashtu w/ Ger. subs)

Datum - 11.05.2018
19:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Dari and Pashtu with German subtitles
Hossein and Shaima have loved each other since childhood. As teenagers, they were kept apart by the war, but they meet again in Kabul in the 1990’s. Poverty forces Hossein back into the war, and he returns paraplegic. Shaima is sold as the fourth wife to a man 40 years her senior and becomes pregnant. Because her husband can’t pay back the bride price, her father brings her home with her 5-year-old daughter.
In spite of all difficulties and the wishes of their families, Hossein and Shaima hold on to their love. They dream of a life together, free of war and the patriarchal laws that prevent them from being together.
Afghanistan’s war-torn history is mirrored in Hossein and Shaima’s love story. Documentary film maker Helga Reidemeister has been filming in Afghanistan since the 2000’s. Her other movies include „Texas – Kabul“ (2004) and „Splitter Afghanistan“ (2015).
Cameraman Lars Barthel and sound engineer Nic Nagel will join us after the film to discuss their experiences in Afghanistan during the filmmaking process.