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Film: "Life on the Border" – Children from Iraq and Syria tell their Stories

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German/Arabic with German subtitles
In „Life on the Border,“ seven children from Syria and Iraq directed and filmed their own movie. They tell of their experiences and the flight from their homes with bravery and honesty.
The great Kurdish director Bahman Ghobadi, whose works have been honored with the Palme d’Or award in Cannes or the Friedenspreis of the Berlinale, has dedicated himself to this exceptional project. Under his direction, seven children living in refugee camps in Kobanê and Sindschar have the opportunity to develop their own cinematic ideas and tell their stories. Aside from their reports of daily life, the young film directors offer a rare and authentic insight into their past experiences. The film alternates between factual documentation and poetic images as the children talk about the Islamic State and describe the hard life in the refugee camp. They also share their traditions and music, as well as the love for those whom they have lost or who still stand beside them.
After the film, we will hold a discussion with members of the organization Encourage e.V., which supports unaccompanied refugee minors.