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The DMZ (Deutsches Muslimisches Zentrum) in conversation: Forgottten victims of the Ministry of State Security (of the GDR)

Datum - 22.11.2018
18:30 - 20:30 Uhr

An event of the Deutschen Muslimischen Zentrums Berlin e.V. and Interkulturanstalten Westend e.V.

In six events we will take a look at the events of the time during the last 80 years and have people whose religious roots or their way of life were their compass for their decision making and political co – determination, present their experiences.

They are very different witnesses of their time, who have experienced fascinating, life-threatening but also life-affirming things. They represent important historical events in Berlin.

The witnessing of history is very individual and collective at the same time and is often subject to the perspective of the individual.  How does a society deal with the memory of historical events? Are individual fates important enough to be discussed and are they allowed to take their equivalent rank next to the pictures shown via the media?

We invite you to attend six evenings of extraordinary conversations and witness history coming alive again. These conversations will give you the opportunity to learn new perspectives and to link your own experiences with history.

The for the time being last events:

22nd November 2018 „Die vergessenen Opfer der Staatssicherheit – Zeitzeugen berichten“ – “The forgotten victims of the State Security – Witnesses of their time give an account”

20th December 2018 „Mauerfall – die katholische Minderheit findet zusammen“ – “Fall of the Wall – the Catholic minority comes together”