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Bibliothek der Heimaten (Library of Native Languages) Open

Datum - 11.01.2020
16:00 - 19:00 Uhr

Bibliothek der Heimaten is a library project by Asylothek Berlin, MADA e.V. and Interkulturanstalten Westend at “Ulme 35”
Our offer
We offer books in different languages, especially modern literature from all over the world. This includes translations into other languages. Currently the largest section of books is in Arabic, followed by German, English and Farsi/Dari. Our library offers an insight into different countries and regions through books available to all Berliners, both new and old.
Moreover, we provide books for learning German as well as books on Germany and on Berlin. We seek to acquire new books constantly and expand.
Help is very welcome. Anyone can join us!
For donations please contact: berlin.spende@asylothek.de
Address and Contact Information
Bibliothek der Heimaten
Ulmenallee 35, 14050 Berlin
E-Mail: berlin@asylothek.de