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Arabic women-poets: Lina Atfeh – Widad Nabi

Datum - 03.06.2017
19:00 - 21:30 Uhr

Widad Nabi
was born in Kobani. Today she lives in Berlin. The Kurdish-Syrian poet and author has a Bachelor in Economics from the University of Aleppo. She has written for numerous magazines and newspapers. Some of her texts also appeared in English, such as in the ‘Tulips Magazine’ in Washington, or in French, for example, in the anthropology of ‘L’amour au temps de l’insurrection et de la guerre’ (Maison de la Poesie). In 2013, she published her book ‘Time for Love, Time for War’ in Aleppo. Her new book ‘Syria and the Futility of Death’ was published in Beirut in 2016. In October 2016, her first text appeared in a German book, ‘Weg sein – hier sein’, an anthology with lyrics from Germany in the ‘Secession’.
And in March, a text of her appeared in Germany in the book “The Wings of My Heavy Heart” published by Manesse.

Lina Atfah, born in Salamiyah in 1989, studied Arabic literature in Damascus. She has written for various newspapers and culture magazines and published a poem book entitled “On the brink of liberation”. As an author who has dealt with social and political issues from the outset, Lina Atfah got increasingly in conflict with the Assad regime. In 2006, at the age of 17, she was accused of blasphemy and insult to the state and excluded from all cultural events. As a participant in the demonstrations against the regime and after several investigations and threats by the security authorities, she finally got permission to leave the country.
Via Lebanon, Lina Atfah came to Germany where her husband was already living at that time. She says, “I became from an activist to someone who ran away, and finally to a refugee, but I am still writing about suffering and hope in Syria.” Lina Atfah Lives with her husband, a physicist, in Lohne.