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Dear friends and neighbors of Ulme 35,
we are progressing! From now on, we can open the café regularly 3 times a week (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday). And there is not only coffee....

This wednesday from 3 pm we are happy about help in the garden - please bring tools, if you have.

Our next Film-Friday is on 7th April at 7pm.  This time we will be showing the highly acclaimed documentary film «Halabja – Lost Children».

On 16th March,1988 the Iraqi army bombed the Kurdish town Halabja with poison gas, killing thousands of people. Kurdish director Akram Hidou returned to the town 23 years later. Together with the inhabitants he has created a film about the hope for reconciliation. We are very happy that Akram Hidou will join us for a discussion after the film.

Boardgames and fun: Between 6pm – 10pm on Saturday 8th April there will be an evening of games, conversation and hopefully laughter. Almost everyone knows the rules of backgammon, chess and domino, but perhaps some people will want to learn new card games like skat?

The entrance to both events is free.

These are the highlights, but more is taking place - please check out our  website or facebook.

If you would like to donate your time or cakes for our café, please send a mail to .

By the way: we had a visit from the New York Times which was streamed live to facebook. Enjoy the film and the comments from all over the world!

We look forward to seeing you in Ulmenallee 35!

We’ve finally got the keys!
We don’t have drinking water yet, it could still rain through the roof or the heating could pack up, but - at last we can all start seriously thinking about how to fill the house with life in the coming months. As a start we have planned two more lively days ahead of us:
24th/25th March
From 3 to 5 pm on both afternoons the Welcome to Westend trailer will be on site with games for younger children. There will also be workshops open to older children, teenagers and grown-ups who want to learn how to do printing, make animated films or picture frames.

At 2.30pm on 24th March the new Family Centre in the Pestalozzi-Fröbel-House will celebrate its opening in Kastanienallee 4 and that afternoon we hope to start making a small pathway between the two houses which will be used by many people in the future.

At 7pm we will show Wolfgang Staudte’s film “The murderers are among us” filmed in the ruins of Berlin in 1946. We hope for a lively discussion after the film.

On Saturday there will be an evening of playing board games from 6pm – 10pm. Almost everyone knows the rules of backgammon, chess and domino, but perhaps some people will want to learn new card games like skat?

On both days the café will be open from 3pm – 10pm.
Yes, we look forward to having lots of help so please add your name in the Helferliste if you would like to help or can make a contribution with food ☺

An interesting and joyful weekend lies behind us, thanks a lot to all volunteers , musicians and everyone else who helped to make it happen. Here you will find more information and some pictures.

The next intercultural weekend will be on 24th and 25th February.
On both days the improvised café opens at 5 pm - we are looking forward to interesting conversations!

Friday 24th February:
3.00 pm children and adults are invited to the art workshop "Wild things at the Ulme" and some more activities.
At 4.30 pm there will be a surprise at the lecture hall.
7.00 pm The film club will show two Syrian documentaries from Maan Mouslli "Shakespeare in Zataari" and "Love Boat" about how theatre can help heal the wounds of war. Afterwards we want to talk to refugees working in the theatre in Berlin. One of our guests will be Thalfakar Ali, a young actor from Iraq, who is currently on stage at the “Deutsche Theater” in the play “Lesbos – Blackbox Europa“.

Entrance is free

Saturday 25th February:

3.00 pm Again everyone is invited to the art workshop "Wild things at the Ulme"
5.30 pm The artists will present their results in a little show.
7.00 pm The evening concert by young string players from Spain, Israel and Moldavia playing pieces by Bach, Schubert and Mozart will demonstrate the power of music to connect people from different cultures and countries. The café will be open and we look forward to lively conversations between new and old neighbours in Westend and beyond.

Entrance is free

On both days we would be very happy, if you could bring cake or salty fingerfood or if you would be prepared to help out at our improvised bar - please add your name to our list of helpers (Helferliste) or send a mail to info(at)

We look forward to seeing you!


10th and 11th February, 2017

For two whole afternoons the artists Carolina Kecskemethy and Patricia Pisani worked with a lively group of children, who mainly came from the “Esche”, the refugee accommodation centre next door. They made moveable figures, scenery  and props for a shadow theatre based on Maurice Sendak’s well-known children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are”, which had previously been read to the children in various languages. ...continue reading "Review: Intercultural Weekends in Ulme 35, part 1  "

Friday 10.2 and Saturday 11.2. 2017

Artworkshops for adults and children

Wild things at the Ulme - the monsters are wakening from their winter sleep...

Do you know 'Where the wild things are'? No? No matter, we are starting off the day by reading this classic children's book in different rooms in different languages to you. Hoping that everyone is then in the right spooky and creative mood we will spend the afternoons building figures, templates, scenes and backdrops using card board. Adults and children are welcome to collaborate.

We will use all our props for a performance at the auditorium (perhaps at the end of the second weekend). Obviously there should also be music accompanying us.

Both days, from 16.30 onwards we’ll open our improvised Café.


Friday, 10.2.

19.00 – 22.00 Movieclub "Good Bye Lenin", German with Arabic subtitles

The first film in a series of Berlin classics will be the wall themed movie “Good Bye, Lenin!” by Wolfgang Becker, with Arabic subtitles. An introduction for new Berliners will be provided by Reinhard Fischer from the Center for Political Education, translated into Arabic by Jihad Tello. Afterwards there’ll be a question and discussion session.

Please register here for free.

Saturday, 11.2.

19.00 -  21.00 Oriental Evening with Music

Arabic and Kurdish music with

Karim Mansour - flute, Bilal Ibrahim - Vocals, Ali Baba - Quanon, Mahmoud Faiumi, Hatem Albatta - Darbuka, Khaled Abo Raiya - Oud, Ajo Amin - Saz, Jamil Amin - Tambur

Please register here for free.

And thanks to Salam - Kultur- und Sportclub eV. for their support in organizing the evening events.

on Friday/Saturday 24th and 25th of February the workshops will continue, the movie club will show an Arabic movie with German subtitles, there will be music... Please register for our newsletter to get an invitation...

Dear friends and neighbours of Ulme 35,

it took us a while, but we reached our next milestone:

We will get the keys for the Ulme 35, have some money and want to start off in February!

Now we need YOU to fill the house with life!

We invite you to come on the 7th. January 2017 from 14.00 - 18.00 Uhr to Ulmenallee 35 in 14050 Berlin

There we would like to introduce to you the first partners moving in with us, like the family centre Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus, Schlesische 27 with their open ateliers for artists and everyone, Singa Deutschland with their mentoring program for job integration and more.

But we also need your ideas and support to start:

  • How are we going set up the Café and who helps to run it?
  • What will be going on in the lecturing hall and who organizes it?
  • Is there anyone, who builds the bar - together with refugees and neighbors?
  • Who wants to organize time together - playing, talking, sowing, finding jobs or playing theatre - what would you like to do?

We will start with a provisional use of the ground floor, lots of improvisation and flexibility will be necessary - but we do have the chance to turn Ulme 35 into a lively centre for old and new neighbors:

Let´s dream and start on the 7th of January!

All the best

Your team of the InterK(ult)urAnstalten e.V.

And just in case you want to help that afternoon: We are happy, if you bring us a cake - please send a mail to info(at)

Programm des Festes auf deutsch und arabisch auf der Tafel im Hörsaal
Copyright aller Bilder dieses Beitrags Interkulturanstalten e.V.

Für diejenigen, die nicht dabei sein konnten, hier ein kleiner Bericht, für diejenigen, die da waren auch - denn der Nachmittag und Abend waren so voll, dass man nicht alles erleben konnte: Fünf Stunden Programm in einem großen Haus um zu zeigen, was alles möglich wäre, wGäste im Foyerenn dieses Haus nicht mehr leer stünde, sondern von Geflüchteten und Anwohnern gemeinsam genutzt werden könnte.

Im großen Garten mit vielen Menschen Das Fest der Möglichkeiten lockte viele an und war bei strahlendem Wetter ein voller Erfolg. ...continue reading "Das Fest der Möglichkeiten – das war’ s"

Would you like to help? We need hands to serve drinks, artistic minds assisting the creation of beautiful pictures at the open atelier and people eager to swipe out the dust, after the house has not been used for 16 years.

Thursday, Sept. 8 at 7 pm we introduce our plans for the 16th and put up lists with volunteers (invitation here). We are happy, if you join us, either in person or via mail to amei(at) with an indication what you would like to do and when you would be free to help.