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Diwan al-Falsafa / Philosophical Salon of the Ibn-Rushd Fund: Integration

Datum - 28.09.2017
19:00 - 20:30 Uhr

Discussion in German and Arabic

What do we mean when we speak about integration? Although it seems a simple question, there is no clear answer. And despite the fact that the word ‘integration’ originally has positive significations, its negative reputation and negative connotations are increasing.
In the diwan al-falsafa on ‘Integration’, we would like to discuss with you the signification, connotations and reputation of ‘integration’.
The main questions we would like to discuss with you are: what does integration, in general, and the integration of immigrants and refugees in Germany, in particular, mean? Does ‘integration’ mean adapting to or even becoming (like) the “other” (the ‘native citizens’), and thereby giving up one’s own culture for the new culture? Or is this expectation the receptive society places on “foreigners” to integrate into their society not only a one-way street, but indeed rather a dead end?
Shouldn’t we therefore talk about integration as an interactive and mutual process between the receptive society and its immigrants and refugees? And if integration is an interactive process, what should the two sides do to make it successful? What are the criteria for a “successful integration”, and what are its obstacles?