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Story-telling – from the women´s project Bawh Nesaie (Revealing Women) (Arabic/German)

Datum - 08.07.2017
19:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Bawh Nesaie (Revealing Women) is a project that has been established by Saiedet Souria organization in 2015. Throughout this project, tens of women have got training in writing short stories inside Syria, in the neighboring countries, and in Germany. Bawh Nesaie has produced hundreds of short stories in topics related to fighting extremism, peace building, and enabling women’s participation in public, administrative and political space. Bawh Nesaie’s publications seek to break women stereotypes and fight all types of discrimination against women.
Saiedet Souria launches a new stage of this project in Berlin Ulme35, titled “Barzakh bayn Aalamin” (a separation between two worlds).
We invite you to a story-telling evening event led by: “Taghreed Dawas”, “Shahinaz Abd Alghafour”, and “Huda Alshehabi” accompanied by Oud music played by “Nivine Fateh Allah