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Queer it – Prince Emrah at Ulme35

Datum - 30.11.2019
19:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Refugees have made the headlines in Germany a few years ago. Among the queer refugees, there is Prince Emrah, who fled Turkmenistan because of his/her non-conforming gender. In Berlin, she has become a belly dancer performing at weddings and in clubs, also djing and organizing different multi-cultural events. He is the founder of the collective “House of Oriental” which consists of fresh migrant-queer dance, singing and drag talent from Libya, Syria, Malaysia… Whether attending their German “integration” classes, or studying to be beauty experts, this collective lead their more “expected” lives during the day. The nighttime is reserved for celebrating beauty and queerness on the stage.We are excited to have Prince Emrah as a guest of “queer it”, that is making visible the queer life amongst the migrant and refugee communities at Ulme35.