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Outdoor Arts and Crafts Workshop for Children ages 4-8

Datum - 02.03.2018
15:00 - 17:30 Uhr

Everything we need is already here

Creative experimentation with various media for children ages 4-8

A nature walk can easily become a terrific adventure if kids simply have the opportunity to be themselves,  Children are masters of improvisation, collection, and invention. They discover their own playthings and find creative ways to occupy themselves.

In these afternoon sessions we want to create a space without ready-made playthings or defined activities. We experiment with simplicity. We play with the objects around us. Our material consists of the objects we find in our houses and gardens: cardboard boxes, tree branches, cloth scraps, an old truck bed, or just a plastic yogurt cup from the breakfast table… We want to put these everyday objects to use in new and creative ways. We trust the materials to tell us how we should develop, combine, and transform them.

The space is the third teacher. Our surroundings influence our actions, which is why we will be working outside in nature rather than in a closed room. Our space will be outside in the garden — regardless of the weather! We will construct a sheltered spot between the trees  where we will dive into a world of free play and total surprises for three hours. Maybe we will build something together — a cave, a playground, a place where everything and everyone can develop freely.

We invite neighborhood children as well as refugee children (ages 4-8) to interact and play together. Our goal is for the children to create something together, make friends, and have fun.

The course is led by artist Pimalda Uhmen with help from a social worker.