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Migration in Africa from the point of view of a country of origin and transit – Report from Mali

Datum - 16.11.2017
19:00 Uhr

Mali is an African country located in the heart of West Africa. Due to its culture and the difficult climatic conditions and due to its geographical situation, it is a country of emigration and transit.
As part of the awareness and information campaign against irregular migration that the Government of Mali has set up, our visitor from Mali, Moussa Kéita  shares this program and a film on the migratory route from the Sahara to the Mediterranean Sea. November 16th at 7 pm local time.
Moussa Kéita from the Republic of Mali is a civil servant in the Ministry of Overseas Malians and the integration of Africans and head of the department within the General Delegation for Oversea Malians, which is responsible for receiving and informing returnees.
Mr. Keita is staying for 8 weeks in the Ulme 35 as a scholar of the project CCP – Flight and Migration carried out by IFA (Institute for Foreign Relations) and financed by the German foreign Office.