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ULME 35 strives to provide a homely environment that encourages people who have been forced to emigrate or flee to become active on their own behalf. Interreligious and intercultural dialogue, art, and culture lead us toward new ways of thinking.

We plan the following -

  • A café (a shared project run by refugees and local inhabitants), which lies at the heart of the house
  • A library and a bookshop offering literature in different languages
  • Creative workshops will fill the house with life. We plan to provide studios/workshops for writing and translation, printing and layout, art and music, product design, and special contract work
  • The lecture hall will become a venue for readings, concerts, lectures etc.
  • Counseling centers will provide regular consultation for traumatized people, single women, and unaccompanied teenagers as well as information about labour-market integration and mentoring programmes.
  • Rooms for volunteer work
  • Childcare facilities

In co-operation with the Senate’s Atelierprogramm, we would like to provide studios for artists on the top floor.