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November 2018: fine small musical autumn, Martin´s festival and movies

Dear friends of Ulme35,

as compared to last month there is not much going on here in November - a little space to breath during which we will prepare for the intercultural Christmas party on December 16th - if you want to help you are welcome to join us on the 20th of November at 7 pm at the preparatory meeting.

Of course we will not resort to hibernation, but instead we have multiple small and big offers - this time with three concerts, the large Martin´s celebration and more.

It starts today (9th November at 7.00 pm) with a movie by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. "Katzelmacher" is a movie about the foreign, the movie is in part a contemporary document of the late Sixties, at the same time though its scary how relevant the movie still is (German with Arabic subtitles).

On Friday, the 16th November, it will become magical in the park around the Esche.  Kids and parents of the Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Kindertagesstätte (day care centre) will pick up families from the Esche during the lantern procession, hopefully families from other institutions and the neighborhood will come and together we wish to gather in the park of the Esche around a Martin´s fire.

The procession starts at 4:30 pm in front of the day care centre in the Kastanienalle 4.

On Saturday the 17th November we will test how many people fit on the stage in our lecture hall at 7pm. Two jazz choirs "Jazzabbels" and "Jazzomat" will produce a concert together, at which one can click their fingers, clap and join in the singing.   (Tickets at the ticket office 8 euro with the possibility of a discount). On Thursday the 22nd November at 7pm the Deutsche Muslimische Zentrum continues its conversations with contemporary witnesses. In the conversation with Hansjürg Schößler and Dr. Renate Werwigk-Schneider we will discuss the forgotten victims of the Staatssicherheit (aka Stasi), the Ministry of state Security of the GDR. The two of them are from different generations - an interesting perspective of the development of the GDR.

On Friday the 23rd November at 7pm there will be another interesting ARTIST TALK for the art fans, to which we will be invited seperately. With the help of the Tunesian embassy we will show the movie "Millefeuille," which is about two young women and their struggle with the conservative trends and the headscarf - we look forward towards the Tunesian view on a very current theme (Tunesian Arabic with English subtitles).

"In Darkness let me dwell" is the title of the evening of songs by Ulrike Romberg and Felix Kruse on Saturday 24th November at 7pm. Melancholy, suffering and exhilartion during the Baroque age - we had the privilege to witness a rehearsal of the artists and are still filled with the harmony of this for us special noon (a short video is available on our webpage.)

The Friday after that, 30th November, we will continue with music in the parlor. Musethica, the training program for young excellent musicians will come with three string players, Olivia Francis, violin,  Julie Le Gac, viola, and Prof. Orfeo Mandozzi, Cello, three string trios from Schubert, Shostakovich and Beethoven - this also provides an oportunity to flee the tristness of the November cold in our beautiful parlor.

As always:  We look forward to host you and your friends!

Warm regards,
Your Ulme team

The complete program of the next weeks, complete with the regular program here hier - to print and share.