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Movies of and talks with directors from Berlin – about arriving in a new country, in a new historical context

Over the next months the Friday film club will be showing a series of films by directors from Berlin dealing with aspects of German history or the subject of arriving in Germany. After each film there will be a discussion with the director or the protagonist.

On 16th February we will show the film «Mord am Meer» by director Matti Geschonneck based on the novel «Die letzte Vorstellung» by Ulrich Woelk: a thriller about a dead body in a lonely house at the seaside and two police officers, male and female: he is from western Germany, she from the former DDR. Their search for the murderer leads them to Berlin and deeply back into their family stories in the different parts of Germany. Ulrich Woelk will be present to talk after the film.

On March 9, Andres Veiel has promised to come with his award-winning documentary film "Blackbox BRD", in which he interviewed friends, acquaintances and colleagues of both Alfred Herrhausen, the Spokesman of the Board of Management of Deutsche Bank who was murdered by the RAF, and RAF terrorist Wolfgang Grams. A deep look into the history of the Federal Republic of Germany.

On 6th April Feo Aladag, who also lives in Westend, will show us her film «Der Andere». This was partly filmed in Ulme 35 and tells the story of minor refugee Nama from Mali, who is taken by 75-year-old Willi to his son Stefan’s house and how frozen relationships start to melt...

On 20th April, Bettina Blümner will present her documentary film «Halbmondwahrheiten», a portrait of Germany's first self-help group for men of Turkish descent who want to redefine their self-image and how they see women. (This film is subtitled in Arabic). The film's protagonist, the psychologist and sociologist Kazim Erdogan, founder of Aufbruch Neukölln, will also be present.