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Filme, Lesungen, Theater und Musik – Ulmeprogramm bis Ende Oktober

Dear friends of Ulme 35,
This week there were many happy faces to be seen during the Syrian Cultural Week organized by Mada, the association for cultural education. People came from near and far, even as far away as Dessau, to be able to hold Arabic books in their hands again. This encouraged us to put every effort into opening the library permanently as soon as possible, with the co-operation of the team from the Tempelhof Asylothek.

The exhibition and the book market are now over, but life goes on in the Ulme:

On Friday 20th October we will show the German film “Sonnenallee”.  Many new Berliners know this street as “Arabic street” but the film will also tell you a lot about Berlin – a good reason to come and watch the film together.

On Saturday 21st October the Syrian/Kurdish/German writer and journalist Jan Dost will be giving a reading. He is known here for his book “Citadel of Dimdim”.

On Sunday 22nd October our over 70 members and our co-operation partners will be meeting from 3pm onwards to take stock of the first six months and to develop new plans within the framework of a ‘looking to the future’ workshop. Would you like to join us? Click here for the membership application and here for the invitation.

We’re particularly looking forward to Wednesday 25th October. At 7pm our lecture theatre will be transformed for the first time into a theatre. Our guests are the winners of the Integration Prize 2017, young people from Hochsauerland with their exhibition and a stage performance:”Give refugees a face”. Thanks to the AWO’s youth migration service Lippe and the vhw for making this visit possible.

On Friday 27th October Saiedat Souria will be showing short films (Arabic with Eng. subtitles) about violence against women in the shadow of marriage. We are sure there will be a lively discussion afterwards.

On Saturday 28th October there will be another session of ‘salon music’. We are looking forward to hearing what happens when an Italian woman and two men from Syria and Palestine get together in search of their favourite songs.

Our programme of regular events is shifting back and forth as we keep getting new offers and have to find a place to fit them in. However our Sprachcafé is well established on Wednesdays at 6.30pm and the art studio for grown-ups on Thursdays. If you would like to join our artists there to do some printing, painting or sculpting, come along between 6pm – 9pm.

The complete programme for the next weeks, also with all the regular events, can be found here – to be printed out and shared!

All the best,
Your Ulme35 Team