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Filmdoku mit vertrauten Gesichtern, “Subbotnik “- Arbeitstag in der Ulme und mehr bis Ende Juli

Dear friends of Ulme35,

Bad news from BIM, the owner of the house - the new water pipeline is delayed, it will be a while until we have drinking water and a kitchen – so we will continue to improvise.
This does not prevent us from announcing many great events for the coming two weeks:
(Here the printversion of our program ...)
Friday 21st July, 7pm: Documentary "Mohammed Mustermann - Germany Your Refugees", which tells the story of three refugees and begins 2 years ago in the TU sports hall in Eichkamp. After the film there will be a talk with the ARD journalist Matthias Deiss. Hopefully, other residents and helpers from the TU sports hall will also be able to tell their stories.

Saturday 22nd July, 11am -6pm: Ulmen-Subbotnik - a collective working day, at the end of which we will inaugurate our latest gift, a grill. For a description of what we are planning and what should be brought with you please click here.

Tuesday 25th July + Wednesday 26th July, 4-7pm: Human rights - democracy – the right to vote: parts 1 + 2 of 4 workshops in German./Arabic/Farsi about politics in Germany: (please register!)

Friday 28th July, 7pm: Film "The Return to Homs" (Arabic / English) takes us back to beleaguered Homs and traces the history of young activists.

Saturday 29th July, 7pm: Talk with the Syrian Prof. Zakaria Al Sakal "The Impact of an Intellectual and Open Dialogue in Politics, Culture and Literature" - hope in times of destruction.

Sunday 30th July, 5pm: Where shall I go? - interactive puppet theatre about love, protection and health, a coproduction of the Egyptian theatre group El Pergola with refugee new Berliners.

In addition, of course, we offer other regular activities: art projects, language cafe, yoga and more – information can be found in our printed weekly programme in 3 languages ​​(also for redistribution) or on our website.

And a tip: the salon is open every afternoon from 3pm Wednesday-Saturday  - we now have two deckchairs for a relaxing cup of coffee 🙂

Pictures and the wonderful speech by the director of the Eschenallee centre on the day of the Sugar Festival can be found on the website, as well as a current wish list of donations we would be very happy to receive (small tip: tools and garden furniture).

We look forward to your visit.

Your Ulme35 team
Hier die Druckversion des Programms