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Film, art, café and more on 24th and 25th March in Ulme 35

We’ve finally got the keys!
We don’t have drinking water yet, it could still rain through the roof or the heating could pack up, but - at last we can all start seriously thinking about how to fill the house with life in the coming months. As a start we have planned two more lively days ahead of us:
24th/25th March
From 3 to 5 pm on both afternoons the Welcome to Westend trailer will be on site with games for younger children. There will also be workshops open to older children, teenagers and grown-ups who want to learn how to do printing, make animated films or picture frames.

At 2.30pm on 24th March the new Family Centre in the Pestalozzi-Fröbel-House will celebrate its opening in Kastanienallee 4 and that afternoon we hope to start making a small pathway between the two houses which will be used by many people in the future.

At 7pm we will show Wolfgang Staudte’s film “The murderers are among us” filmed in the ruins of Berlin in 1946. We hope for a lively discussion after the film.

On Saturday there will be an evening of playing board games from 6pm – 10pm. Almost everyone knows the rules of backgammon, chess and domino, but perhaps some people will want to learn new card games like skat?

On both days the café will be open from 3pm – 10pm.
Yes, we look forward to having lots of help so please add your name in the Helferliste if you would like to help or can make a contribution with food ☺