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Yayla's Wiese e.V.: Preliminary Meeting for German Learning Partners

Datum - 10.04.2018
19:30 - 20:00 Uhr

Would you like to learn how assist others as they learn German?
This preliminary meeting is an offer for those who are interested in occasionally or regularly working with a person who is currently learning German. We present our expertise and materials to you and also discuss ways that you can incorporate your own interests and experience.

  • Reading your favorite children’s books aloud (this is also an extremely valuable tool for teenagers and young adults seeking to improve their language skills)
  • Discovering Berlin together with an emphasis on applying language to your shared experiences
  • Writing texts together or developing/improving texts written by the German learner
  • Becoming an individual mentor to a child/young adult over a longer period of time (for which we provide ideas, materials, and qualification workshops)
  • Helping beginners take their first steps into the German language (for which we provide materials and qualification workshops)
  • Your ideas for shared learning time are always welcome!

Yaylas Wiese provides you with books/materials, is happy to give you tips and ideas, and provides individual advice and consultation. We also provide short qualification workshops for common topics such as reading, writing, math/philosophizing, spending time with children, etc.
Tuesday 7:30 – 8:00 pm
Contact: Anne Peters 0177 370 1400