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Yaylas Wiese e.V. : Family course Learning German with classic children´s literature

Datum - 29.03.2019
17:00 - 19:00 Uhr

Families read children classics together (German – Arabic)

Almost everyone who grows up with books, knows “Pünktchen und Anton”, “Momo” or “Die kleine Hexe”. They are classics – since many generations in Germany and else in the world popular with kids and parents.

Together we will read these classics, will develop a better understanding for the language and will converse in German and Arabic about the contents. What do people like about these books? What do these books have to do with us?

Parents, older children and language learning assistants celebrate every Friday a little reading feast. Smaller children will find playing joy in the kids room.


Friday 5 -7 o´clock (not in the school holidays)

Ulme35: Parlor and childrens room

Registration: Iyad Chami 0176 2066 5044