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Lecture: War Destroys World Cultural Heritage Sites: the Historic District of Aleppo

Datum - 19.05.2018
19:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Reflections on preserving material and immaterial heritage

The World Cultural Heritage site of Aleppo in Syria has been partially destroyed during the war. War threatens not only people and their ways of life, but their history, buildings, architecture, and culture. More than 2 million people from Aleppo live outside of their native city and culture.

The historic district of Aleppo has been a World Cultural Heritage site since 1986 — and it is almost completely destroyed. The structures and buildings can be partially rebuilt. But the immaterial culture such as literature, ways of life, and traditional music and storytelling are in danger of being lost forever.

Cultural Scientist Mamoun Fansa has been writing about the destruction of Aleppo’s historic district since 2013 in his book “Ein Krieg zerstört Weltkulturerbe” (War Destroys World Cultural Heritage). He has organized multiple conventions for the rebuilding of the historic district and published a book about the destruction of Aleppo’s immaterial culture in 2018. On May 19, Fansa will hold a lecture in the Ulme35 in German about the effect of the war on Aleppo’s architecture, culture, and inhabitants. The lecture will be translated simultanesly in Arabic.