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Salonconcert: Rasgueo, Andalusian Jazz, World Music, Flamenco

Datum - 03.02.2018
19:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Salonconcert: Rasgueo
Andalusian jazz, world music, flamenco

Since the 1950s there has been a love affair between flamenco and jazz both in the international jazz scene and in Spain (the home of flamenco). From legendary albums like Miles Davis’s “Flamenco Sketches” to later supergroups like Ketama, there are countless testimonies to this passionate relationship. But to ensure that passion does not turn into a boring marriage, there is always need for a new wind. This year, that’s coming from Rasgueo in Berlin. Flamenco guitarist Nikos Tsiachris, bassist Martin Lillich, and trumpeter Martin Auer mix an aphrodisiac from the well-known ingredients flamenco and jazz with an added dash of Latin and folk, ensuring that the old love ignites anew. Tsiachris, Auer, as well as drummer Diego Pinera and bassist Martin Lillich are established musicians, firmly rooted in the German jazz and world music scene, who use their outstanding technique to create sensitive, emotional sound images that enchant the audience and let them reminisce about warm summer evenings.

Nikos Tsiachris (flamenco-guitar, comp.), Martin Auer (trumpet), Martin Lillich (bass)