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Salon Concert: Musical Journey around the World with the Kulturlotsen

Datum - 21.04.2018
19:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Concert: Musical Journey around the World
Saturday, April 21, 2018
Ulmenallee 35, Neu-Westend

Singers: Alma Alta & Olga
Moderation: Kim

Two singers (Alma and Olga) organize a journey through popular music around the world. They research songs from diverse countries and then sing/perform live over karaoke versions of the songs.

The focus lies on the languages in which the songs are sung (Persian and Arabic included) and the interpretations of the artists who originally wrote/performed the songs. Folk songs unique to the different countries (e.g. traditional eastern European folk melodies) also lie in the foreground.

ROME-Italy: Canzone
BERLIN-Germany: Marlene D., Andrea Berg, – Schlager, Liedermacher-Songs
PARIS-France: Edith Piaf, Adamo – Chansons
Middle East: Cheb Khaled – RAI
LONDON-England: Beatles – Pop
NEW YORK-USA: Sinatra, Doris Day – Evergreens
SARAJEWO BELGRADE, Balkan: Miss Platnum

Explanatory text describe how the songs came into being, what inspired the artist to write the song, who contributed to the song’s creation…

In addition, the original works “My name is Love” and “Headwind” will be presented.