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Lecture: Aleppo — Cultural Identity and Wartime Destruction

Datum - 30.06.2018
19:00 - 21:00 Uhr

The UNESCO referred to the importance of saving the immaterial culture of the Middle East through an appeal to the middle eastern nation states, especially those regions that are still in conflict. In the post-conflict analyses and reconstruction plans (for example in Aleppo), one must consider not only the technical and cultural heritage preservation, but also the integration of those returning to Syria. The different cultural and social traditions, such as literature – narrations, poetry – as well as music and habits have to be carried on. The return to one’s homeland does not only translate to having a roof over one’s head, but to the revitalization of one’s cultural heritage in the mind and heart.

The focus will be on the multiple facets of the immaterial inheritance of Aleppo, and the idea that the reconstruction of Aleppo can succeed through the strengthened perception of the cultural heritage.

The speaker will present his book “Aleppo literarisch” – “Aleppo in literature” and will discuss the meaning of immaterial culture for the preservation of cultural heritage. He will discuss the role of cultural identity in relation to the reconstruction of a destroyed city such as Aleppo.