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Filmclub on Friday: Damascus with Love (Arabic with Englisch subtitles)

Datum - 02.03.2018
19:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Filmclub on Friday
March 2, 7:00pm

Damascus with Love

(Arabic with English subtitles)

“Damascus with Love” is a feature film by Muhammad Abdul Aziz, produced in 2010. This movie describes the social relations between religious minorities in Syria and the coexistence of religious communities inside Damascus.

The film revolves around a love story in Damascus between a Jewish young woman and a Christian young man, who split up. Twenty years later, at the airport on their way to Italy, the young woman’s father tells her that her lover is still alive and admits that he has been hiding the young man’s letters from her. The father travels but dies as soon as he arrives in Italy. The camera returns to the young woman, who begins a painful search for her beloved; a journey through the hidden beauties of Damascus. When she nearly lost hope of finding him, an unexpected message tells her that he is waiting for her at the “Bab Sharqi”, a famous location in Damascus where they had often met before …