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Movie screening: "Proceedings of next year" by Samir Zekra

Datum - 12.01.2018
19:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Movie screening:
“Proceedings of next year”
Directed by Samir Zekra
Director of Photography: Hanna Ward
Staff: Tafah Safkouni, Nayla Al Atrash, Hala Al Faisal, Obeid Pasha, Hassan Dakk, Ziad Rahbani.
Musical introduction of the film by Ziad Rahbani.
Arabic movie with English subtitles
Open discussion after film screening.
Mada for Cultural and Intellectual Development invites you to attend:
The Syrian Film “Proceedings of Next Year” by the director and cinematographer Samir Zekra. “Proceedings of Next Year” was produced in 1985 and won several awards, one at the Annaba Festival in Algeria and the other from the Catholic Organization for Cinema and Television.
Munir, a young musician, returns to his hometown of Aleppo to try and establish a band called the Arab Band. He faces bureaucratic problems and then falls in love with someone who lives the same dreams, but dies before he can realize those dreams.
Zekra studied film at the Higher Institute of Film Studies in Moscow. He worked together with director Nabil al-Maleh on the screenplay of “Remains of Pictures 1979,” directed by Nabil al-Maleh. His first feature film, “The Half-Meter Event” (1981), was based on a novel by Sabri Moussa. His second feature film was “The Chronicle of the Next Year” (1985). He won the best Arab film award at the Cairo International Film Festival in 1998, the same year as his film “Strange Strangers” (for the novel by Faysal Kharatch) came out. Other films include “Public Relations” (2005) and “Guards of Silence” (2010), which is based on the novel by Ghada Samman. In all his films, Samir Zekra tried to criticize political power, specifically by addressing the status of women in society. Zekra’s films are produced by the General Establishment of Cinema in Damascus.