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Film on Friday: WER BIN ICH (Who am I) (ger/arab with eng subtitles)

Datum - 01.06.2018
19:00 - 21:00 Uhr

What story does a passport tell? A person stands behind every name.

What does someone who has just arrived in a foreign country want others to know about him/her?

What stories can I — and which do I want to — tell about myself?

For six months, directors Agnese Grieco and Lucia Chiarla worked with a group of refugee unaccompanied minors. They worked together in a theater, discussed the topic of identity, and developed improvisational sketches. War, religion, loss, violence, capitalism, money, sexuality, hope, and the future were keywords during this process. Through their work, nine video-portraits and a documentary film (which is still a work in progress) came into being. They are snapshots of a new life in Berlin, captured by the camera. For the young participants in this project, the theater came to represent not only a place of freedom and communication, but also a door to the future.

On June 1 we will screen the video portraits in addition to hosting a discussion with Agnese Grieco and Lucia Chiarla.  In doing so, we would like to start a crowdfunding campaign for the completion of the WER BIN ICH documentary film, which would provide a further journey into the hopes, dreams, and wishes of the young people who are now a part of our society.

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