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Movie: Sophie Scholl – The last Days (German with Arabic subtitles)

Datum - 14.09.2018
19:00 - 22:00 Uhr

“Sophie Scholl – Die letzten Tage” (Sophie Scholl – The last days), a movie by Marc Rothemund

Geman with Arabic subtitles

February 1943,  75 years ago: The 21 year old university student Sophie Scholl is arrested alongside her brother Hans in the Munich University after having distributed flyers protesting against the NS dictatorship. After being grueled by the Gestapo for days she is sentenced to death by the “Volksgerichthof” of the Nazis and subsequently executed.

Marc Rothemund refers to the original protocols of the interrogations by the Gestapo in his movie from 2005. They show what a clear resistance and power Sophie Scholl countered with; the interrogation professional let himself be deceived. In the end he even tried to save her life by smoothing the way for her.

Director Marc Rothemund did not wish to reconstruct the historical events, but instead wished to examine current questions; “How do you respond when confronted with injustice? How far does the personal commitment go? Wars and dictatorships still exist today and the question of civil courage comes up in our every day life. To rise up against injustice, not turning a blind eye – that will always be an important issue”.

In 2006 the movie was nominated for an oscar in the category “Best Foreign Language Film”.