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Successful living/ Families belong together

Datum - 23.08.2018
18:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Ipso Care – Empathy International will celebrate this years Eid with LouLou cafe. On this day we wish to organize a wonderful feast for you and your families, to create a beautiful atmosphere and present you with interesting topics to discuss. The celebration will be in Arabic.

Successful Living – Ipso

After the experience with fleeing and the arriving in an entirely new culture some people were able to adjust to the new German school life, learning the new language, succeeding in exams and successfully integrate themselves.

In order for the teenagers to continue being successful and motivated and continue to fulfil their dreams, it is neccessary for them to be in a good life situation and have good psychosocial competences.

We would like to have them speak about their experiences and congratulate them, their families and friends.

Families belong together – LouLou

In this event the women´s group in LouLou Cafe will present the topic family reunion. For many women and families in Berlin who have fled it is very difficult having to live without their children. Some women in our group know this feeling. We wish to inform ourselves of the laws concerning family reunions and exchange our experiences.

We have artistically occupied ourselves with this topic and wish to present to you the result of our work.