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Now it is time for your ideas and plans!

Dear friends and neighbours of Ulme 35,

it took us a while, but we reached our next milestone:

We will get the keys for the Ulme 35, have some money and want to start off in February!

Now we need YOU to fill the house with life!

We invite you to come on the 7th. January 2017 from 14.00 - 18.00 Uhr to Ulmenallee 35 in 14050 Berlin

There we would like to introduce to you the first partners moving in with us, like the family centre Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus, Schlesische 27 with their open ateliers for artists and everyone, Singa Deutschland with their mentoring program for job integration and more.

But we also need your ideas and support to start:

  • How are we going set up the Café and who helps to run it?
  • What will be going on in the lecturing hall and who organizes it?
  • Is there anyone, who builds the bar - together with refugees and neighbors?
  • Who wants to organize time together - playing, talking, sowing, finding jobs or playing theatre - what would you like to do?

We will start with a provisional use of the ground floor, lots of improvisation and flexibility will be necessary - but we do have the chance to turn Ulme 35 into a lively centre for old and new neighbors:

Let´s dream and start on the 7th of January!

All the best

Your team of the InterK(ult)urAnstalten e.V.

And just in case you want to help that afternoon: We are happy, if you bring us a cake - please send a mail to info(at)