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24th/25th February: another 2 lively days at the Ulme

An interesting and joyful weekend lies behind us, thanks a lot to all volunteers , musicians and everyone else who helped to make it happen. Here you will find more information and some pictures.

The next intercultural weekend will be on 24th and 25th February.
On both days the improvised café opens at 5 pm - we are looking forward to interesting conversations!

Friday 24th February:
3.00 pm children and adults are invited to the art workshop "Wild things at the Ulme" and some more activities.
At 4.30 pm there will be a surprise at the lecture hall.
7.00 pm The film club will show two Syrian documentaries from Maan Mouslli "Shakespeare in Zataari" and "Love Boat" about how theatre can help heal the wounds of war. Afterwards we want to talk to refugees working in the theatre in Berlin. One of our guests will be Thalfakar Ali, a young actor from Iraq, who is currently on stage at the “Deutsche Theater” in the play “Lesbos – Blackbox Europa“.

Entrance is free

Saturday 25th February:

3.00 pm Again everyone is invited to the art workshop "Wild things at the Ulme"
5.30 pm The artists will present their results in a little show.
7.00 pm The evening concert by young string players from Spain, Israel and Moldavia playing pieces by Bach, Schubert and Mozart will demonstrate the power of music to connect people from different cultures and countries. The café will be open and we look forward to lively conversations between new and old neighbours in Westend and beyond.

Entrance is free

On both days we would be very happy, if you could bring cake or salty fingerfood or if you would be prepared to help out at our improvised bar - please add your name to our list of helpers (Helferliste) or send a mail to info(at)

We look forward to seeing you!