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“Halabja – Lost chrildren” – and more plans for 7/8th os April

Dear friends and neighbors of Ulme 35,
we are progressing! From now on, we can open the café regularly 3 times a week (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday). And there is not only coffee....

This wednesday from 3 pm we are happy about help in the garden - please bring tools, if you have.

Our next Film-Friday is on 7th April at 7pm.  This time we will be showing the highly acclaimed documentary film «Halabja – Lost Children».

On 16th March,1988 the Iraqi army bombed the Kurdish town Halabja with poison gas, killing thousands of people. Kurdish director Akram Hidou returned to the town 23 years later. Together with the inhabitants he has created a film about the hope for reconciliation. We are very happy that Akram Hidou will join us for a discussion after the film.

Boardgames and fun: Between 6pm – 10pm on Saturday 8th April there will be an evening of games, conversation and hopefully laughter. Almost everyone knows the rules of backgammon, chess and domino, but perhaps some people will want to learn new card games like skat?

The entrance to both events is free.

These are the highlights, but more is taking place - please check out our  website or facebook.

If you would like to donate your time or cakes for our café, please send a mail to .

By the way: we had a visit from the New York Times which was streamed live to facebook. Enjoy the film and the comments from all over the world!

We look forward to seeing you in Ulmenallee 35!